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As far as I can remember, the first time I got hands on a camera was at the age of seven. Just recently, I discovered some old videos made by me trying to tell a thrilling story with LEGO bricks. Later on in my teens I taught myself how to handle editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to cut PlayStation gaming videos with friends. At this point I had no idea of how useful this could be someday.

In 2016 I had the chance to live in Hong Kong for 4 months which I gratefully took. With the intention to capture some impressions of this stunning city I bought my very first DSLR camera. It didn't last long until I realized how much I love to see the world through a lens.
The THRILL that hits me every time during golden hour; The CHALLENGE of having just a tiny fraction of a second to make a moment timeless; The GRATITUDE of others after giving them a priceless memory. That is what makes photo- and videography my passion.

I hope that my work triggers some emotions in you as well. Let me know If you want to feel more!


In June 2017 I went on a hiking trip through the Dolomites with the photographers Tim and Johannes. Since then I am happy to count them as my friends. Together they have founded a collective called Light Hunters Photography which I joined. I  can't wait for the next adventure with these guys.

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Frankfurt / Hanover, Germany

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